Meditech 6.1

Hospitals struggle to effectively manage their clinical effectiveness and financial performance. This has always been a balancing act for most organizations. Delivering quality care for the least cost while taking into account patient safety, efficient business practice, and overall outcomes takes the hospital balancing act to a new level of complexity.

The MEDITECH 6.1 platform represents the latest innovations in software technology developed by MEDITECH to meet today’s high demand for improved efficiencies. The MAT platform provides improved workflows, readily accessible patient information, state of the art software enhancements, and much more. Whether your organization is converting from the 6.0 or the Magic platform, or is a new MEDITECH customer, 6.1 will raise the bar and provide you with a maximum return on investment while enabling greater IT adoption. CPeople offers subject matter experts with a successful track record in the environment to assist organizations with successfully migrating or implementing 6.1.